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Fundamental Issues in the Romance Languages cover

Fundamental Issues in the Romance Languages

Danièle Godard

Fundamental Issues in the Romance Languages compares six Romance languages—Catalan, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian—and summarizes the last thirty years of scholarship in the fields of morphology, syntax, semantics, and discourse for each language. The up-to-date analyses in this volume make it essential for undergraduate and graduate students as well as scholars of each language.

The contributors to this volume include Liliane Tasmowski, Sanda Reinheimer, Philip Miller, Paola Monachesi, Anne Abeillé, Géraldine Legendre, Antonella Sorace, Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin, Brenda Laca, Francis Corblin, Lucia Tovena, and Jean-Marie Marandin.

Danièle Godard is a senior researcher at Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) in Paris, France.

Translated from French.


  • Contributors

  • 1 Introduction
    Danièle Godard
  • 2 Verb Stem Variations in Romance
    Liliane Tasmowski and Sandra Reinheimer
  • 3 Clitic Pronouns in the Romance Languages
    Philip Miller and Paola Monachesi
  • 4 Complex Predicates in the Romance Languages
    Anne Abeillé and Danièle Godard
  • 5 Auxiliaries and Intransitivity in French and in Romance
    Géraldine Legendre and Antonella Sorace
  • 6 Bare nouns in Romance Languages
    Carment Dobrovie-Sorin and Brenda Laca
  • 7 Negation in the Simple Clause in the Romance Languages
    Francis Corblin and Lucia Tovena
  • 8 Subject Inversion and Discourse in Romance
    Jean-Marie Marandin
  • References
  • Subject Index
  • Name Index

April 2010

ISBN (Paperback): 9781575865867
ISBN (Cloth): 9781575865874
ISBN (Electronic): 978575867557

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