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Knowledge and Representation cover

Knowledge and Representation

edited by Albert Newen, Andreas Bartels, and Eva-Maria Jung

This compilation of cutting-edge philosophical and scientific research comprises a survey of recent neuroscientific research on representational systems in animals and humans. Representational systems provide their owners with useful information about their environment and are shaped by the special informational needs of the organism with respect to its environment. In this volume, the authors address the long-standing dispute about the usefulness of the notion of representation in the study of behavior systems and offer a fresh perspective on representational systems that combines philosophical insights and experimental experience.

Albert Newen is a professor at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Institut für Philosophie. Andreas Bartels is a professor at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität at Bonn, Institut für Philosophie. Eva-Maria Jung teaches at Westfalische Wilhelms-Universität Munster


  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • 1 Knowledge and Representation in the Recent Discussion: An Introduction
    Andreas Bartels, Eva-Maria Jung & Albert Newen
  • Part I: Knowledge
  • 2 Intellectualism as Cognitive Science
    Martin Roth & Robert Cummins
  • 3 Intellectualism and the language of Thought: A Reply to Roth and Cummins
    Jason Stanley
  • 4 Irreducible Forms of Knowledge-How in Patients with Visuomotor Pathologies: An Arguement against Intellectualism
    Garry Young
  • 5 Understanding Knowledge in a New Framework: Against Intellectualism as a Semantic Analysis and an Analysis of Mind
    Eva-Maria Jung & Albert Newen
  • Part II: Representation
  • 6 Representation in Analog Computation
    Gerard O'Brien & Jon Opie
  • 7 Representing Time of Day in Circadian Clocks
    William Bechtel
  • 8 The Explanatory Value of Representations in Cognitive Neuroscience
    Kai Vogeley & Andreas Bartels
  • 9 Varieties of Representation
    Gottfried Vosgerau
  • 10 Why Cognitive Neuroscience Should Adopt a “Pragmatic Stance”
    Andreas K. Engel
  • Index

July 2011

ISBN (Paperback): 1575866307 (9781575866307)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575866315 (9781575866314)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575869403 (9781575869407)

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