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What Is Said and What Is Not cover

What Is Said and What Is Not

The Semantics/Pragmatics Interface

edited by Carlo Penco and Filippo Domaneschi

This volume contains essays that explore explicit and implicit communication through linguistic research. Taking as a framework Paul Grice's theories on “what is said,” the contributors explore a number of areas, including: the boundary between semantics and pragmatics; the concept of implicit communication; the idea of the logical form of our assertions; the notion of conventional meaning; the phenomenon of deixis, which refers to when an utterance require context in order to be understood fully; the treatment of definite descriptions; and the different kinds of pragmatic processes.

Carlo Penco is Director of the Doctoral School in Humanities at the University of Genoa. Filippo Domaneschi is a graduate student at the University of Genoa.

Front cover image adapted from the sculpture "The Conversation" by Tom Corbin (http://corbinbronze.com).


    1. What is Said: A Short History in Quotes Carlo Penco, Filippo Domaneschi
  • I Semantics First
    1. What's What's Said? Una Stojnic and Ernest Lepore
    2. Context and Logical Form Jason Stanley
    3. Surprise Indexicalism Massimiliano Vignolo
    4. The Lure of Linguistification Kent Bach
    5. Explicit Performatives Manuel Garcia Carpintero
  • II Pragmatics First
    1. Illocutions in Context Claudia Bianchi
    2. Metaphor and the Scope Argument Catherine Wearing
    3. Reference through Mental Files Francois Recanati
    4. Word Meaning, What is Said and Explicature Robyn Carston
  • III Alternatives
    1. Grice's Requirements on What is Said Kepa Korta
    2. Ironically Saying and Implicating Joana Garmendia
    3. Non Indexical Contextualism John Macfarlane
    4. On Situationalism: Situations with an Attitude Eros Corazza and Jerom Dokic
    5. Three Methodological Flaws of Linguistic Pragmatism Michael Devitt
    6. Direct Discourse, Indirect Discourse and Belief John Perry

September 2013

ISBN (Paperback): 9781575866673
ISBN (Cloth): 9781575866680
ISBN (electronic): 9781575866697

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