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Constraint-Based Syntax and Semantics

Constraint-Based Syntax and Semantics: Papers in Honor of Danièle Godard

Edited by Anne Abeillé and Olivier Bonami

This volume is devoted to the syntax and semantics of various languages, studied with models based on constraints. Constraint-based grammars, a set of constraints on surface expressions that need to be satisfied simultaneously, emerged in the late 1970s, mostly in the form of models of grammars combining formal syntax and formal semantics, enriching tree representations with feature structures combined by unification.

Danièle Godard, Emeritus Research Director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in France and member of the formal linguistics laboratory, was an important actor in the development of this family of approaches — in particular, phrase structure grammar. Godard published major papers on syntax, semantics and interfaces, especially on French and other Romance languages. This collection gathers contributions by nine of her co-authors and students in tribute to her work: the copula quantification, relative clauses, the passive, non-at issue meaning, tense auxiliaries, subjunctive mood and questions.

Anne Abeillé is a professor of linguistics at Université de Paris. A specialist of syntactic theories, corpus-based and experimental syntax, she has co-authored with Danièle Godard many papers on French syntax since 1994, and is co-editor with her of Grande Grammaire du français.

Olivier Bonami is a professor of linguistics at Université de Paris. In the 1990s and 2000s, he was a student and then close collaborator of Godard, with whom he co-authored many papers on French syntax and the syntax-semantics interface. Most of his recent work deals with issues in descriptive and theoretical morphology.

December 2020


  • Contributors
  • 1 Introduction
    Anne Abeillé and Olivier Bonami
  • 2 Danièle Godard's Bibliography
  • 3 The Copula in Modern Standard Arabic
    Ahmad Alotaibi and Robert D. Borsley
  • 4 Relativization and the Grammaticalization of the Stage-Level vs. Individual-Level Distinction in the Languages of Senegal
    Denis Creissels
  • 5 Non-Canonical Arguments and French Past Participle Agreement
    Jesse Tseng
  • 6 Pure Indexicals vs. True Demonstratives
    Francis Corblin
  • 7 Presupposition Projection and Main Content
    Mathilde Dargnat and Jacques Jayez
  • 8 Quantification in Oneida
    Jean-Pierre Koenig and Karin Michelson
  • 9 The Meaning and Use of Romanian Subjunctive Interrogatives
    Gabriela Bîlbîie
  • 10 Deconstructing Subjects: Presentational Sentences in Swedish
    Elisabet Engdahl, Annie Zaenen and Joan Maling
  • 11 Incrementality and HPSG: Why not?
    Jonathan Ginzburg, Robin Cooper, Julian Hough and David Schlangen
  • References

ISBN (Paperback): 1684000467 (9781684000463)

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