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Tokens of Meaning, cover

Tokens of Meaning: Papers in Honor of Lauri Karttunen

Edited by Cleo Condoravdi and Tracy Holloway King

Lauri Karttunen has done groundbreaking work in theoretical and computational linguistics. The papers in this volume present new, state-of-the-art work building on his numerous contributions. The first part includes papers on formal semantics, the focus of Karttunen's early career to which he has returned in recent years. The second part provides a natural extension of his semantic work: the formal analysis of meaning and reasoning and the integration of the lexical and ontological components to enable reasoning by computational systems. The third part focuses on syntactic analyses, including the structure of non-finite clauses and sentence embedding predicates and factivity. The final part of the volume deals with finite state methods and grammars, reflecting Karttunen's extensive contributions to finite state theory and technology and its application to natural language.

Cleo Condoravdi is professor of linguistics at Stanford University, specializing in natural language semantics and pragmatics. She is co-editor of Logical Perspectives on Language and Information and Perspectives on Semantic Representations for Textual Inference, both published by CSLI Publications.

Tracy Holloway King is principle scientist in Adobe's Sensei and Search organization, focusing on natural language processing. She is the author of Configuring Topic and Focus in Russian and co-editor of Intelligent Linguistic Architectures: Variations on Themes by Ronald M. Kaplan, both published by CSLI Publications.


  • Introduction
  • Major Works by Lauri Karttunen
  • I Semantics
    • 1 Indefinites and Anaphora: Pivotal Problems in the History of Semantics and Pragmatics
        by Barbara H. Partee
    • 2 From Missing Persons to Speech Act Participants
        by Auli Hakulinen and Lea Laitinen
    • 3 Accept New Substitutes: An Analysis of Reanalysis
        by Laurence R. Horn
    • 4 A Few Words To Do With Multiword Expressions
        by Paul Kay and Laura A. Michaelis
    • 5 Liminal Until
        by Cleo Condoravdi and Itamar Francez
    • 6 Talking about (Quasi-)Higher-Order Uncertainty
        by Daniel Lassiter
    • 7 Surprise for Lauri Karttunen
        by Floris Roelofsen
    • 8 How not to Project the Satisfaction Theory of Projection (on Karttunen) Or: Who has a Proviso Problem?
        by Itamar Francez
  • II Meaning and Reasoning
    • 9 Natural Language Inference Using an Ontology
        by Marisa Ferrara Boston, Richard Crouch, Erdem Özcan, and Peter Stubley
    • 10 From Language to Reasoning: Going from Y to X in Many Dimensions
        by Annie Zaenen, Danny Bobrow, Cleo Condoravdi, Lucas Champollion, and Liz Coppock
    • 11 Integrating Implicative Commitments
        by Valeria de Paiva and Gerard de Melo
  • III Syntax and Beyond
    • 12 Sentence Embedding Predicates, Factivity and Subjects
        by Pranav Anand, Jane Grimshaw, and Valentine Hacquard
    • 13 Multiple Center-embedding in Spoken English
      by Fred Karlsson
    • 14 Notes on Finnish Nonfinite Clauses
        by Paul Kiparsky
    • 15 Formal Aspects of Underspecified Features
        by Ronald M. Kaplan
  • IV Finite State Methods and Grammars
    • 16 A History and Overview of the Kleene Programming Language
        by Kenneth R. Beesley
    • 17 Simplified Two-level Morphophonology
        by Kimmo Koskenniemi
    • 18 Tokenization and Morphological Analysis for Malagasy
        by Mary Dalrymple, Maria Liakata, and Lisa Mackie
    • 19 Urdu Morphology and Beyond: Why Grammars Should not Live without Finite-State Methods
        by Tina Bögel, Miriam Butt, and Tracy Holloway King
    • 20 Optimal Kornai-Karttunen Codes for Restricted Autosegmental Representations
        by Anssi Yli-Jyrä
    • 21 Formal Verification in Optimality Theory
        by Mans Hulden
    • 22 Truth or dare
        by András Kornai
    • 23 Finite-state Methods Featuring Semantics
        by Tim Fernando
    • 24 What are Grammars Good for? Reflections on Twenty Years of Grammatical Framework
        by Aarne Ranta
    • 25 Types as Learnable Cognitive Resources in PyTTR
        by Robin Cooper
  • Index

ISBN (Paperback): 1-68400-048-3 (9781684000487)

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