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Studies in Language and
  Information cover

Studies in Language and Information

John Perry

This volume collects twenty-five papers on the philosophical aspects of language and information written and co-written by John Perry between 1983 and 2015. Co-authors include Jon Barwise, David Israel, Syun Tutiya, Elizabeth Macken, Cathy Haas, and Krista Lawlor. The papers all represent collaborations made possible by the Center for the Study of Language and Information at Stanford. Topics include situation semantics, information and action, names and indexicals, the reflexive-referential theory, Moore's Paradox and Frege.

"The path-breaking papers on situation and action theory, as well as papers on sign language, iconicity and heterogeneous systems of communication in this volume are like their author—witty, brilliant and insightful—and they illuminate central issues in the philosophy of language and mind."
         - François Recanati, Institut Jean-Nicod, École Normale Superieure
"This rich volume reveals the full depth and breadth of John Perrry's work over the course of more than 30 years, including classic papers that spearheaded lines of research central to philosophy of language today. The papers on indexicals, action theory, and Frege would individually be worth the price of the volume. As a whole, it is filled with innovative ideas that have lost none of their freshness, written in almost transparent prose and peppered with Perry's famous humor. It should be on the shelf of every philospher."
         - Jenann T. Ismael, Columbia University

Recipient of numerous international academic awards, John Perry is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University and the University of California.

October 2019


  • Introduction
  • I Situation Semantics
    • 1 Semantic Innocence and Uncompromising Situations
      with Jon Barwise
    • 2 Situations and Attitudes
      with Jon Barwise
    • 3 Contradictory Situations
  • II Information and Action
    • 4 What is Information?
      with David Israel
    • 5 Fodor and Psychological Explanations
      with David Israel
    • 6 Actions and Movements
      with David Israel and Syun Tutiya
    • 7 Information and Architecture
      with David Israel
    • 8 Executions, Motivations and Accomplishments
      with David Israel and Syun Tutiya
    • 9 Where Monsters Dwell
      with David Israel
  • III Information and Disability
    • 10 Richly Grounded Symbols in ASL
      with Elizabeth Macken and Cathy Haas
    • 11 Interfacing Situations
      with Elizabeth Macken
    • 12 Prolegomena to a Theory of Disability, Inability and Handicap
      with Elizabeth Macken and David Israel
  • IV Indexicals, Unarticulated Constituents, and Reflexivity
    • 13 Indexicals, Contexts and Unarticulated Constituents
    • 14 Predelli's Threatening Note
    • 15 The Subject Matter Fallacy
    • 16 Using Indexicals
    • 17 Moore's Paradox
      with Krista Lawlor
  • V Themes from Contemporaries
    • 18 Stalnaker and Indexical Belief
    • 19 Directing Intentions
    • 20 Hintikka on Demonstratives
    • 21 Donnellan's Blocks
    • 22 Føllesdal and Quine's Slingshot
    • 23 Direct Discourse, Indirect Discourse and Belief
  • VI Back to Frege
    • 24 Frege on Identity, Cognitive Value, and Subject Matter
    • 25 The Cognitive Contribution of Names
  • Index

ISBN (Paperback): 1684000941 (9781684000494)

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