Uploading Using Freezoy/Byethost
  1. In a web browser, go to Freezoy's cpanel (http://cpanel.freezoy.com) or Byet's cpanel (http://panel.byethost.com).
    1. Enter your Freezoy/Byethost username and password.
    2. Click Login.
  2. In the Files section, click Online File Manager.
  3. Click htdocs.

    If you wish to upload a file to another sub-directory, click that sub-directory.
  4. To upload the file:
    1. Click upload.
    2. Click Choose File or Browse File (different browsers have different buttons):
    3. Locate the desired file on your computer, and then click Open. In this example, I am uploading the index.html file (the homepage/main page for the site).
    4. To finish the uploading process, click the Green Checkmark.
    5. After the file uploads, you may either choose another file to upload (and repeat steps ii-iv), or you may click the Blue Arrow to return to the main list of files.