Acid Attacks

Unfortunately the phenomenon of acid attacks, and other forms of violence against women in Cambodia, is all too real. The following is a sampling of some of the articles that inspired the creators of Shake Girl to create this graphic novel. We hope it inspires you to take part and help.

Cambodian Acid Violence against Women by William Grut. Rose Charities

Phnom Penh Journal; A Strongman, a Slain Actress and a Tell-All Diary. by Seth Mydans. New York Times.

The Fallen and the Free. by Lor Chandara and Kevin Doyle. The Cambodia Daily.

Vengeance Destroys Faces, and Souls, in Cambodia. by Seth Mydans. New York Times.

Faces of the Past and Future. by Eric Pape. Open City

Living in the Shadows: Acid Attacks in Cambodia Report. by Licadoho.

Acid-Laced Vengeance. by Jeff Smith and Kay Kimsong. The Cambodia Daily.

Acid Attack. Wikipedia.

If reading these sites makes you want to get involved, we encourage you to do so.

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