Stanford University classes

David Miller currently teaches three courses at Stanford University

  • EE65 Modern Physics for Engineers
  • EE222/MatSci201 Applied Quantum Mechanics 1
  • EE223 Applied Quantum Mechanics 2

Open online classes

David Miller has taught two open online classes on the edX platform, first on Stanford’s OpenEdX instance, and more recently on the edX platform itself

Quantum mechanics for scientists and engineers 1

Quantum mechanics for scientists and engineers 2

These have been taught each year since 2013 for the first class and 2015 for the second, and have attracted more than 50,000 registrants

Short courses at conferences

David Miller taught a short course on quantum well optical and optoelectronic devices for 20 years at the CLEO conference, and at several other major meetings. The slides for the 2010 CLEO conference version are available here Slides icon .