Dahlia Garden at Stock Farm
Plant Growth Facility

Dahlia 'Cyril Higgo', a red laciniated cactus type

This page contains images from our garden at the Plant Growth Facility, as well as help identifying flower forms in groups and short videos on various dahlia-related topics. Have a look and enjoy!


Dahlia Form Quiz
See if you've learned from these pages!! Have aq look at different Dahlia forms and see if you can remember which form is called what...
Dahlia Videos
View embedded videos about multiple Dahlia-related topics.
Dahlia Hybrids
Have a look at some of the crosses we've made at Stock Farm and the resulting progeny.
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Your website editor has combed through individual student reports and constructed "meta-reports" incorporating all useful data. They're interesting reads...check them out!!

  • Meta-report 1: Stem Anthocyanin Light Dependence
  • Meta-report 2: Environmental Modulation of
           Critical Period for Dahlia Stem Pigmentation
  • Meta-report 3: Assessing Petal Number in
           Floral Forms of Dahlia
  • Meta-report 4: Assessing the Effects of Metals on
           Dahlia Pigmentation
  • Meta-report 5: Flavonoid Identification and
           Genetic Analysis of Variegation in Dixie's Winedot
  • Meta-report 6: Impact of Light on Stem Anthocyanin