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Contact Information

  • Center for Design Research
    Stanford University
    424 Panama Mall, Bldg. 560
    Stanford, CA 94305-2206


Bethany Chaffin is a rising junior studying Product Design at Stanford. At the intersection between education and engineering, her interests include the role that gender plays among engineering students, before, during, and after college, as well as the ways in which people's perceptions of engineering transform throughout their education. Within her own engineering education, Bethany is interested in exploring both the visual and structural aspects of creating products for people, especially learning what it means to design a product that effectively induces a specific experience for its users. She joined the Designing Education Lab in Winter Quarter of 2015, and is working with DEL during the summer of 2015 through the ME Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI) program.

One of Bethany's favorite classes thus far at Stanford is ME 101 (Visual Thinking), in which she worked in teams to design and build machines out of simple materials that were required to perform tasks autonomously (e.g. throwing a twinkie through a hula hoop). Another favorite project was in ENGR 14 (Introduction to Solid Mechanics), which was to build a bridge out of balsa wood that was designed to withstand loads according to a specific factor of safety. Outside of school, Bethany enjoys photography, reading, spending time at the ocean, and watching old movies.


  • B.S., Engineering, Product Design Focus, Stanford University, Spring 2017 (expected)
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