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Gary Lichtenstein




Gary Lichtenstein, Ed.D., is the principal of Quality Evaluation Designs, a consulting firm specializing in education evaluation, research, and policy. Gary has worked with DEL since 1998, studying issues related to retention and persistence along several segments of the engineering pathway, including K-12 education, undergraduate retention, and transition into the workforce. Lately, his focus has shifted to issues of recruitment, especially as high school students contemplate their college majors and at the point at which college seniors in engineering make decisions about their jobs and careers. Gary has twice been awarded the William Elgin Wickendon Award for the best research paper each year published in the Journal of Engineering Education.

DEL Projects

  • Educating Engineers—a national study of undergraduate engineering education by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
  • New Century Scholars—workshops for first through third year engineering faculty designed to improve teaching and support career development.
  • Academic Pathways Study—a longitudinal study of undergraduate engineering cohorts in four engineering institutions nationwide conducted as part of the Center for Advancement of Engineering Education (CAEE).
  • Engineering Pathways Study—exploring the career decision making of early career professionals who have or haven’t persisted in engineering.
  • Research Experiences for Teachers—examining ways in which K-12 teachers’ participation in summer professional enrichment experiences influences high school students’ decision whether to pursue STEM majors in college.

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Retention and Persistence of Women and Minorities Along the Engineering Pathway in the U.S. Gary Lichtenstein, Helen Chen, Karl Smith, & Theresa Maldonado, in Cambridge Handbook of Engineering Education Research, Eds. Aditya Johri & Barbara Olds (forthcoming, 2013).
  • An Engineering Major Does Not (Necessarily) an Engineer Make: Career Decision-making Among Undergraduate Engineers. Gary Lichtenstein, Heidi Loshbaugh, Brittany Claar, Helen Chen, Sheri Sheppard, Kristyn Jackson. Journal of Engineering Education, July 2009, pp.227-234.
  • Comparing the Undergraduate Experience of Engineers to All Other Majors: Significant Differences are Programmatic, by Gary Lichtenstein, Alex McCormick, Sheri Sheppard & Jini Puma. Journal of Engineering Education, v99, n4, pp.305-317, October 2010.
  • The Persuasion Gap: Engineering Educators May Be Missing the Chance to Influence Graduates’ Career Choices. by Gary Lichtenstein & Sheri D. Sheppard, PRISM (for engineering educators), September 2009, p.59.
  • Retention is Not the Problem: A National Study of Academic Persistence and Engagement of Undergraduate Engineers Compared to Other Majors. Gary Lichtenstein, Alex McCormick, Sheri Sheppard, Jini Puma. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego, CA, April 2009.
  • Persistence, Engagement, and Migration in Engineering Programs. Matt Ohland, Sheri Sheppard, Gary Lichtenstein, Ozgur Eris, Debbie Chachra, Richard Layton. Journal of Engineering Education (JEE). Special edition: How People Learn Engineering, v97, n3, pp. 259-278. July 2008.
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go: Engineering Students’ Persistence is Based on Little or No Data. Gary Lichtenstein, Heidi Loshbaugh, Brittany Claar, Tori Bailey, Sheri Sheppard. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Education, June 2007, Honolulu, HI (AC-2007-1234).
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