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The Stanford University Mechanical Engineering Department conducts a program called the Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI). To be eligible, a Stanford undergraduate must be rising into their sophomore, junior or senior year in the fall quarter following the summer research experience. SURI is a fully immersive program in academic research. Each summer DEL accepts two to  four undergraduate Research Interns.

Many of the DEL research interns participate in writing a research or technical paper for the ASEE Annual conference:


Summer 2015

In 2015, Emily Cao, Bethany Chaffin and Shane Clarkson participated in the following ASEE papers:

Summer 2014

In 2014, Autumn Turpin and Anna Breed participated in the following ASEE papers:
Autumn anna.jpg
  • Introduction to Solid Mechanics; lab videos
  • Planning for the Epicenter Research Summit (Aug. 4-5, 2014)
  • What we don’t know about entrepreneurship education for engineers, Sheri Sheppard, Shannon Gilmartin, Helen Chen, Mary Besterfield-Sacre, Anna Breed, Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Anne Colby, Emanuel Costache, Nathalie Duval-Couetil, Humera Fasihuddin, Andreea Finto, Calvin Ling, Florian Lintl, Laurie Moore, Qu Jin, Angela Shartrand, Autumn Turpin (abstract accepted for ASEE 2015)

Summer 2013

In 2013, Lea Eaton and Ruben Pierre-Antoine participated in the following ASEE papers:
SURI 2103.jpg
  • Utilizing Concept Maps to Improve Engineering Course Curriculum in Teaching Mechanics Ruben Pierre-Antoine (Stanford University), Dr. Sheri Sheppard (Stanford University), and Dr. Mark Schar (Stanford University)
  • Students' Perspectives on Homework and Problem Sets in STEM Courses Ms. Lea Eaton (Stanford University), Dr. Sheri Sheppard (Stanford University), and Dr. Helen Chen (Stanford University)

Summer 2012

In 2012, Michelle Grau, Helena Scutt, Alethea Atkins, Rosalinda Cortez and Mark Cuson participated in the following projects:
SURI2012 Collage.jpg
  • Bending Moments to Business Models: Integrating an Entrepreneurship Case Study as Part of Core Mechanical Engineering Curriculum Mark Schar, Sheri Sheppard, Samantha Brunhaver and Mark Cuson. Presentation in Pecha Kucha format conducted with Ruben Pierre-Antoine
  • PEARS School Reports
  • Research-Informed Guidelines for Inclusive STEM Classrooms
  • Introduction to Solid Mechanics
  • A Qualitative Approach to Researching Engineering Education
  • E-14 Truss Solver, E-14 Vector Math Modules, Delta Design Online, Longboard Sceanrio Lab Worksheet
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