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Professor Sheri Sheppard

Of note:

  • ENGR-14: Introduction to Solid Mechanics

The Designing Education Lab has been fortunate to be able to integrate and test many of their findings about engineering education in E14, Stanford’s introductory solid mechanics class. By playing with labs and course formatting, Professor Sheppard, experiments with new teaching methods and provides her students with a more engaging learning experience. Some examples of the research being done for the course include the skate board lab (LINK) and Delta Design (LINK). The Designing Education Lab hopes to integrate finding from the PEACHES Survey soon.

Ten industry and academic women address what comes next after graduate school and the unique choices they have made in their careers and lives.

This year the focus will be on achieving success in engineering, technology, and science careers.

Speakers include:
* Catherine Mohr, MD, Intuitive Surgical
* Josephina Shembre-McCabe, PhD, Chevron
* Nita Singh Kaushal, MS, Miss CEO
* Terri Valenti, MS, United Football League
* Diane Greene, PhD, Google, & Mendel Rosenblum, PhD, CS Professor at Stanford (dual-career talk)

For students interested in an academic career and who anticipate designing science or engineering courses at the undergraduate or graduate level. Goal is to apply research on science and engineering learning to the design of effective course materials. Topics include syllabus design, course content and format decisions, assessment planning and grading, and strategies for teaching improvement.

Master's and Ph.D. seminar series focused on teaching engineering courses based on research. Weekly, student-led group discussions follow engineering education and education literature. Topics include: best practices in teaching, theories on how people learn, education research methods, assessing learning, and evaluating teaching, all in an engineering context.

Dr. Mark Schar

  • ME310x:

Focus is on the role of the product manager in industry. Topics include product management skills, leadership and team management, getting a product management job, corporate and project finance for engineers, sales and marketing for engineers and business strategy. Seminar with in-class exercises and guest speakers from industry.

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