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What is Epicenter?

In 2012, the Designing Education Lab teamed up with the newly created NSF-funded Epicenter (National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation) in an endeavor to better understand how to teach innovation within engineering, the impacts of entrepreneurial education on engineering students and the role of entrepreneurship in an engineering education. 

Useful Links

Epicenter Website: http://epicenter.stanford.edu/

May 2012 Conference on Entrepreneurship

The Designing Education Lab sponsored a conference for the nation’s leading experts on entrepreneurship and engineering education in May 2012. For full details of the conference please see our events page: https://www.stanford.edu/group/design_education/cgi-bin/mediawiki/index.php/Events


Skate-Board Lab

In Fall of 2012, the Designing Education Lab introduced an engineering lab with an entrepreneurship case study component into E14, Stanford’s introductory solid mechanics course. This course, taken mainly by engineering freshmen and sophomores, is one of the earliest engineering courses required in Stanford curriculum, so it provided a good opportunity to investigate how integrating the ideas of entrepreneurship into engineering curriculum influences student’s opinions about both the course’s subject matter and entrepreneurship. The skate board lab required students to analyze the statics of a new skate board being developed by two entrepreneurs. The results of this analysis were combined with other given information about cost and manufacturability to require students to make business decisions. 

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