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  • Center for Design Research
    Stanford University
    424 Panama Mall, #202
    Stanford, CA 94305-2206


Originally from Taiwan, grew up in Montreal and San Francisco.  Then spent a few quick years across the bay at this place called "Cal" working toward a Bachelors (energy systems) and Masters (controls) in mechanical engineering. Before ultimately deciding to pursue the Ph.D., worked at an international research consulting firm, across the street on Page Mill in Palo Alto.

Completed the Ph.D. in '89 in mechanical engineering (with electrical engineering minor) at Stanford. And have been at Stanford and around Silicon Valley doing varied research, consulting, product development, and start-up gigs.

Research Interests

Given wide diversity of interests and desire to keep learning new things, professional work experience has been similarly diverse: 

  • optimizing operation of natural gas pipelines
  • modeling nuclear power plants to evaluate performance in various accident scenarios
  • modeling chemical and power use in pulp and paper mill to reduce net energy costs
  • developing first design specifications for fault tolerant digital control systems in nuclear power plants
  • developing and implementing novel insitu HVAC thermal system identification in commercial building
  • researching design knowledge capture and sharing tools
  • developing collaboration / knowledge management technologies,
  • developing research prototypes: hybrid hardware-software simulation systems
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