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Contact Information

  • Center for Design Research
    Stanford University
    424 Panama Mall, Bldg. 560
    Stanford, CA 94305-2206
  • cell: (209) 631.7734 
  • jannar@stanford.edu


I am from a fabulous agricultural town in the San Joaquin Valley, Merced, CA. While going to school I was interested in connecting with my community through academics and art. I was able to do this as an entrepreneur restaurant owner and as an associate publisher of a local magazine — both of them focusing on enriching arts in our community.

Where do you come from? Before coming to Stanford I did my BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Merced.

What are you interested in? I am interested in the functionality of simple and efficient products and designs. I am fascinated by affordable, beautiful and action-ready products that can be implemented quickly and rapidly produce results all over the world. And when it's all said and done I want the owners or benefiters of these products to look at and touch these products and be proud to own it.

What is your design experience? I have created campaigns to support and fundraise for arts organizations in Merced using my standing as a business owner. These challenges have allowed me develop good brainstorming skills, good leadership initiatives, and a firm understanding that not everything goes as expected. This experience has taught me that stress and failure are part of the design experience and ultimately lead to better and more sustainable results.


  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University (expected 2014)
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of California - Merced 2012


    April 2012 Janna Rodriguez, Roy Taylor Gore, Michael Katz, Pedro Contreras
    “Security camera enclosure using a thermal control,”
    provisional patent application (PTO Reg. No. 61/688,177),
    filed on May 8, 2012. Licensed to Pelco by Schneider Electric.
    Prof. Michael F. Modest Laboratory- 2012 UC Merced School of Engineering
    I developed the optical setup required to convey radiated energy from the combustion chamber to the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR).

    Prof. Carlos Fernandez-Pello Laboratory - 2011 UC Berkeley School of Engineering
    I examined the effects of oxidizer flow velocity, oxygen concentrations and external radian flux in the flammability of Nomex as a fire resistant fabric.

    2012 [Poster - Talk] “Optical setup required to convey radiated energy”, Merced, CA
    2011 [Poster] “Flammability Testing of Fire Resistant Fabrics”, Winner in my Discipline, Advancing Hispanics/Chicanos & Native
    Americans in Science (SACNAS) at 2011 National Conference. November.
    2011 [Poster – Talk ] “Flammability Testing of Fire Resistant Fabrics”, Outstanding Presentation at Berkeley, CA. August 2011.
    2010 [Poster] “Time Series and Neural Network Models for Wind Turbines”, Merced, CA .February.

    2012 National Ford Foundation PhD Fellowship (3 years)
    2011 Winner in my Discipline, Advancing Hispanics/Chicanos & Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) at 2011 National Conference.
    2011 New Experiences for Research & Diversity in Science (CalNerds) Scholarship through University of California Berkeley
    2011 Harvard LLI Scholarship through Harvard Kennedy School
    2010 Leadership Excellence Through Advance Degrees (UC Leads) Scholarship through University of California, Merced
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