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Kathryn Jablokow


Contact Information

  • Center for Design Research
    Stanford University
    424 Panama Mall, Bldg. 560
    Stanford, CA 94305-2206
  • kwl3@gv.psu.edu


Samantha (Sam) is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford. Her research focuses on early career engineering pathways and the effect of sociocognitive factors on career persistence. Samantha’s academic interests include introductory solid mechanics, design thinking, and engineering education. She has served as a teaching assistant for statics, finite element analysis, and design for manufacturing courses at Stanford. She has also been a researcher at the Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education as part of the Academic Pathways Study and is currently a member of the follow-up Engineering Pathways Study research team.

Samantha has been a co-president of the Stanford Mechanical Engineering Women’s Group since 2010 and was a founding member of the Stanford student chapter of the American Society for Engineering Education in 2009. Samantha also has industry experience working at The Procter & Gamble Company and Boston Scientific.


  • Ph.D. - The Ohio State University, Electrical Engineering
  • MSEE - The Ohio State University
  • BSEE -The Ohio State University


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  • Gorman, J. J., Jablokow, K. W., and D. J. Cannon (2008). Robust Backstepping using a Full-Order Sliding Mode. Accepted for publication in Automatica.
  • Jablokow, K. W. (2008). Developing Problem Solving Leadership: A Cognitive Approach. Accepted for publication in International Journal of Engineering Education (in press).
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  • Jablokow, K. W. (2007). Engineers as Problem-Solving Leaders: Embracing the Humanities. IEEE Technology and Society, Vol. 26, No. 4, pp. 29-35.
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