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*Lecture Visuals  
*Lecture Visuals  
*Teaching Notes (in development)  
*Teaching Notes (in development)  
*[[Media:MLASEEpaper.pdf|ASEE Paper]] (in press)
*[[Media:MLASEEpaper.pdf|ASEE Paper]]
*[[Media:MLASEEpechakucha.pdf|ASEE Pecha Kucha]]

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Madison Longboard is a pilot curriculum resarch study sponsored by the Designing Education Lab and Stanford University's Epicenter. This curriculum uses a business school-type case study instructional technique that incorporates important solid mechanics concepts within the context of an entrepreneurship case study and hands-on lab.


Research results have shown that students can increase their knowledge of targeted entrepreneurship concepts without compromising the learning core engineering concepts. While the case study experience did not significantly change entrepreneurial career intentions it did grow students’ perceived entrepreneurial and business skill self-efficacy, which can be a precursor to changing career intent. The case study experience and its resultant increase in entrepreneurial self-efficacy also appealed to a broad spectrum of students with career interests ranging from founding a business to working for a global established business. The implications of entrepreneurial case study instruction are discussed in the attached ASEE paper.

Lab Experience

The concepts covered by these two lab experiences are shown below and are considered core engineering concepts for an entry-level mechnical engineering student and basic business concepts for a new entrepreneurial student.  Lab B corresponds to the "Choosing a Truck" lab and Lab G corresponds to the "Designing a Deck" lab.



Click on the links below to download the lab materials.  

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