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Michelle Grau is a senior undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering (with a minor in Astronomy) at Stanford.  She joined the DEL lab in the summer of 2011 as part of the Stanford Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI), and never left.  Engineering and teaching have long been the two things she has wanted to do with her life, so this is an amazing combination of her interests.  She has helped with the PEARS (Pathways of Engineering Alumni Research Survery) project, from the creation of the survey through reporting the results back to the participating schools.  She has also helped with data analysis for the PEACHES (Professional and Entrepreneurial Aims and CHaracteristics of Engineering Students) pilot survey.  She is part of the team working on Epicenter, a new center for entrepreneurship education for engineers that is a collaboration with many people across Stanford and the United States.  She is working with Helen Chen on the ePortfolio initiative, being one of the first people to create one, and is continuously the one to prototype new ideas. 

One of her main extracurricular activities is involvement in the FIRST Robotics program as a mentor and volunteer.  She teaches and mentors middle school Lego robotics teams and runs a competition, working with Mark Schar.  She also mentors a high school robotics team, and vounteers at competitions.  She also does wushu (a Chinese martial art form), coaches 6-9-year-old gymnasts, and enjoys social dancing.

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