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== Contact Information  ==
== Contact Information  ==

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Contact Information

  • Center for Design Research
    Stanford University
    424 Panama Mall, Bldg. 560
    Stanford, CA 94305-2206


The first answer I ever had to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was “an inventor." Since a very young age I have always liked building. I started with small things: a bird feeder, furniture for my dolls, shelves for my books and many other inventions. I soon discovered that nobody grows up to be an “inventor” but lots of people become “engineers.” Although when I first heard this word I didn’t know what engineering entailed, in high school I delved into the world of engineering. When I joined the Science Olympiad team, a high school science competition consisting of 23 different events spanning all aspects of science, math and engineering, I found that the events I was attracted to were classified as “engineering” events. As I created countless devices to perform a variety of functions, I became obsessed with the challenge of maximizing variables, trying to balance each factor perfectly against the others to create the ideal device. Besides innovative parts of engineering, I really enjoy the physical construction aspects as well. Over the years, my construction abilities have greatly expanded. From an early age I worked with the basic hammer and nails, but in highschool I mastered more complex woodworking tools such as the drill press and more than seven different types of saws as well as oxy-acetelyne and MIG welding. Additionally, I’ve been sewing since middle school and continue to do so today. My infatuation with creation, combined with the thirst for a challenge, are the reasons I have decided to pursue engineering as a career.

I have been so honored to have the opportunity to work with the amazing people that make up the Stanford Designing Education Lab. As a true nerd at heart, I have always enjoyed sharing my learning with others and helping others understand, in addition to learning from others. Because of these reasons, I'm very proud to work on a team that does leading work to help others navigate engineering education and engineering education and to do it in such a way that is cooperative, open and honest.


  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 2013 (expected)


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