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<br>'''Sign-ups for Wed.02.Mar.2011'''  
<br>'''Sign-ups for Wed.02.Mar.2011'''  
'''Time WHO, comment&nbsp;'''<br>15:30 ... Christopher Han<br>16:00 ... Christopher Han<br>16:30 ...&nbsp;<br>17:00 ...  
'''Time WHO, comment&nbsp;'''<br>15:30 ... Christopher Han<br>16:00 ... Christopher Han<br>16:30 ... Martin Steinert HSLU<br>17:00 ...  
<br>'''Sign-ups for Wed.09.Mar.2011'''  
<br>'''Sign-ups for Wed.09.Mar.2011'''  

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The DesignX research group has weekly meetings during the school year on Wednesday evenings from 17:15 to 18:30 Pacific Standard Time (5:15 PM to 6:30 PM) on the second floor of CDR, the Center for Design Research, on the Stanford University campus at 424 Panama Mall, Building 560.  Light snacks and beverages are traditionally provided. The meetings are informal, as interaction, discussion and questions are strongly encouraged. Visitors are welcome to attend.

The goals of the weekly DesignX meeting are:

  • To foster a culture of more critical engagement;
  • To create a safe place for critical discussion;
  • To provide as much feedback on research as possible;
  • To provide opportunities to discuss methodology; and
  • To create a healthy, constructive research community.

Every presentation will have an assigned facilitator from the Leifer Lab. The facilitator's role is:

  • To ensure that areas pertinent to research are covered in the presentation. These include, primarily, the methods, the research question, the need, the data, and how it aligns with the goals set for the Center for Design Research;
  • To moderate the discussion so that it is critical, engaging, and on-topic; and
  • To work with the presenter prior to designX, to ensure that the presentation flows smoothly, and generates the most value for both the presenter and the designX audience. (Optional, yet highly recommended)

Our goal is to provide opportunities for the designX community to interact with each other. Speakers from outside the Leifer Lab are generally limited to about one-third of the slots in any given quarter.

The current designX meeting organizer (Winter 2011) is Michael Helms.

Links to Weekly Meeting Schedule - Current Quarter in Red

Sign-ups for Wed.19.Jan.2011

Time WHO, comment
15:30 Jung
16:00 Edelman 
16:30 Edelman 
17:00 Lande

Sign-ups for Wed.26.Jan.2011

Time WHO, comment
15:30 Noah
16:00 ...
16:30 Sonalkar - Designing a methodology for venture design - PBL 2.0 
17:00 Micah

Sign-ups for Wed.02.Feb.2011

Time WHO, comment
15:30 Noah
16:00 Noah
16:30 Jeamin
17:00 Jeamin

Sign-ups for Wed.09.Feb.2011

Time WHO, comment
15:30 Neeraj Sonalkar - Ahmedabad visit planning
16:00 Chang Cho
16:30 Jeamin Koo ... tbc
17:00 ...

NO Sign-ups for Wed.16.Feb.2011 (Larry on travel)

Sign-ups for Wed.23.Feb.2011

Time WHO, comment
15:30 Karthik Manhar, defense exam
16:00 Karthik Manhar
16:30 Karthik Manhar 
17:00 Mike Francis ... tbc

Sign-ups for Wed.02.Mar.2011

Time WHO, comment 
15:30 ... Christopher Han
16:00 ... Christopher Han
16:30 ... Martin Steinert HSLU
17:00 ...

Sign-ups for Wed.09.Mar.2011

Time WHO, comment 
16:30 Barbara Karanian
17:00 ...

Sign-ups for Wed.16.Mar.2011

Time WHO, comment 
15:30 ...
16:00 ...
16:30 ...
17:00 ...


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