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Dear DesignX'er

As we discussed on the last DesignX, we are a community of scholars and our interaction, esp. DesignX but also CDR is what we make of it. Let us try to initiate a culture of being involved and taking on responsibility. In this sense I have taken the liberty to set up a table indicating every active and in-residence members of DesignX (defined by being in the DesignX-Lab list, please ask if you want to be added/removed/changed to DesignX-Broadcast) AND his or her current commitment to DesignX and CDR. Find the current state of the arts in the table below ...

Please change/correct/add/delete stuff - it's a wiki guys ... Thanks for your support!!!


PS We have $50-75 for drinks and food available, please contact Anneliese.

DesignX Wed Meetings Summer Quarter 2011

Please, sign up and describe Who, What, maybe Where etc.

June 15, 17:00 pm

Katam Al-Falou from the School of Fashion & Textiles at the Royal College of Art, London.

Some information about Katam:
"During my undergraduate studies as a Textiles and Clothing Engineer, in the Product Development and Design pathway at the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein, I worked for two companies in the field of ballistic clothing and firefighter‘s garments, in Germany and Austria, respectively. In my final thesis, for which I was awarded a distinction, I studied the psychological and sociological signs of clothing and how they can be implemented in individually designed fashion. The purpose was to use the potential in non-verbal communication in clothes to set up illusions and identities in fashion design.
My studies and former work experience have led to my current research project, where I intend to explore the boundaries of clothing technology and design on ballistic textiles and body armour."
More Information about her "Design & Defense" research

June 22, 17:00 pm

Welcome SURI's

June 29, 17:00 pm

July 6, 17:00 pm

July 13, 17:00 pm

Josiah Kahane <>

Designx Karaoke after-party

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