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== Resources<br>  ==
== Resources<br>  ==
[ Literature list]<br>[ DMI article]<br>  
[ Scientific papers]
[ Literature list]<br>[ DMI article]<br>
== Contacts<br>  ==
== Contacts<br>  ==

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Stanford Design Quantification Lab initiative

By creating, detailing, validating and testing front-end metrics and methods, we are predicting the success of products, services, agendas and policies for any private or public organization, using triple-bottom line metrics. These methods support actionable framing and communication of complex design challenges.

Initial projects

Peace Design - Journalism Challenge


Scientific papers

Literature list
DMI article


For more information, please contact:

Tanja Aitamurto, Initiator:

Søren Petersen, Initiator:

Martin Steinert, Acting Assistant Professor and Deputy Director at Center for Design Research:

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