ME397 Design Theory & Methodology Seminar

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This is the homepage for the ME397 Design Theory & Methodology Seminar. 

Instructors: Greg Kress & Martin Steinert, Ph.D. 

Location: Center for Design Research (Bldg. 560), first floor common area

Session: Wednesdays, 3:15-5:05PM

Term: Autumn Quarter, 2011


  • Woolley, A.W. et al. "Evidence for a Collective Intelligence Factor in the Performance of Human Groups." Science 29 October 2010: Vol. 330 no. 6004 pp. 686-688.
  • Kress, G. & Schar, M. "Initial Conditions: The Structure and Composition of Effective Design Teams." Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Design 2011, Copenhagen. 
  • Selections from Teamology
  • Selections from Psychological Types
  • Selections from Tao: The Watercourse Way (A.W. Watts)
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