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some more information about Tea Lempiälä ...

I am a new visiting researcher from Aalto University (Finland) for the spring term. I am a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Economics while working as a researcher at the School of Science and Technology. I am in the fourth – and hopefully the final – year of my Ph.D. process.

My research examines innovation in organizations; more specifically the way ideas are generated and developed collaboratively. The focus of my work is on the practices of innovation, i.e. the common patterns of action among organization members. My empirical data comes from three technology organizations and consists of group observations and in-depth interviews. I am currently working on my last article which examines the differences between the innovation practices of engineers in four different organizational contexts. I would love to discuss my work with anyone interested!

In my free time I like to do capoeira, sing, try out new things and enjoy good food. I would be happy to engage in any of these activities with anyone willing to join me. I sit in the second floor, room 214.

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