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June 2012 ... Larry at Stanford for EXPE, SUGAR, and COMMENCEMENT
I would like to meet with as many advisees and CDR visitors as possible during the week of June 11-15. The following time slots are available at this time. Please choose as you like AND ping me with an email message to be sure I am aware of your signup. Assume meetings are at my office, bldg.550.rm.125. Meeting at you office, lab, park bench will always be welcome.

12:15-13:00 = Philipp Skribanowitz (St. Gallen)
13:15-14:00 =
14:15-15:00 = Gareth Bennet (Trinity College Dublin)
15:15-16:00 = Becky Currano (Stanford CDR)
16:15-17:00 =

Tue.12.June =
12:15-13:00 = Cabirio Cautela (Politecnico di Milano)
13:15-14:00 =
14:15-15:00 =
15:15-16:00 =
16:00-18:00 = CARS concept showcase at VAIL

12:15-13:00 =
13:15-14:00 =
14:15-15:00 =
15:15-16:00 =
16:15-17:00 =
17:00-18:30 = designX introspection

12:15-13:00 =
13:15-14:00 =
14:15-15:00 =
15:15-16:00 = Neeraj Sonalkar (Stanford-CDR)
16:15-17:00 =

12:15-13:00 = Kathryn Jablokow (Pennsylvania State University)
13:15-14:00 = Maria Yang (MIT-ESD)
14:15-15:00 =
15:15-16:00 =
16:15-17:00 =


October 2011 "what-ever" meeting opportunities with Larry Leifer.  Priority goes to advisees.  Please enter your name by editing this page.  I have relatively few commitments during the ME310-Global-Kickoff. Please sign-up below. I am especially eager to meet with advisees in the "get-outta-here" phase and "get-research-started" phase. All other stages and phases welcome. 

Circumstances include:

Wed.19.Oct., CDIO Workshop all day, my slot is 10:00-12:00
Wed.19.Oct., designX
Mon.24.Oct. - Wed.26.Oct., SUGAR 2011 Workshop for 310-like teams and faculty at other universities
Wed.26.Oct., designX
Thr.27.Oct. - Tue.01.Nov., ME310 -Stanford-Global Kickoff Workshop for ME310 project teams
Wed.02.Nov., University of British Columbia , Vancouver, CA
Thr.03.Nov., Travel to Munich 
Fri.04.Nov., UnternehmerTUM Projekt lecture and discussions

Sat.05.Nov., Travel to Luzern, CH, ... 


11:15-12:15: Uwe Schultz, Hochschule Luzern Technik & Architecture (550.125)

12:30-15:00: Neeraj Sonalkar, PhD defense exam, Hartley Conference Room

15:15-17:30: open office hours (CDR 2nd floor commons), add you name here if you plan to "drop-in"

Tim McAloone

17:30-18:15: Burton Lee (550.125)

18:30 ... home again to pack


On travel to the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, for the opening of the "Wayne and Whilliam White Engineering Design Center (EDC)" with Machiel Van der Loos (CDR PhD alumnus and UBC Assoc.Prof.) hosting the visit and leading celebration events.


"Wayne and Whilliam White Engineering Design Center (EDC)" dedication and return to Stanford


On travel to Munich for a lecture and discussion at the UnternehmerTUM Projekt hosted by CDR's recent visitor Manuel Götzendörfer.  


UnternehmerTUM Projekt events


On travel back to Luzern, CH, finally ... 



10:30-11:30:  Mark Schar ... firm ... woops missed it

11:30-14:30:  Lars Strannegard ... firm (with Martin)

14:15-15:00:  Mark Schar ... re-try     

15:15-16:00:  Lauren A. Shluzas

16:15-17:00:  Neeraj Sonalkar - Thesis draft meeting

17:15-18:00:  Martin Steinert

... home for the day

Tuesday.18.October ... I will fill in more when I know this sign-up model is working ... LL

10:00-12:00: Christopher Han ... pick-up at 831 Esplanada Way, go to SAP AppHaus, Los Altos

12:15-13:00: SAP @ Los Altos, meet with Philipp Skogstad, Sam Yen, reg. SAP AppHaus initiative

13:35-14:00: Chris Han ride back to Stanford campus

14:15-15:00: David Sirkin

15:15-16:00: Becky Currano

16:15-17:00: Jeamin Koo / Martin

17:15-18:00: Jeamin Koo / Martin

... home for the day

Wednesday.19.October: Worldwide CDIO meeting at Stanford (hosted by Sheri Sheppard and Larry Leifer)


11:15-12:00: Adam Sheppard ... confirmed

12:15-13:00: Kristin ... confirmed

13:15-14:00: Gabriel

14:15-15:00: Hai Nguyen / Martin S

15:15-16:00: Martin S

16:15-17:00: Martin S

17:15-18:00: George T ... confirmed

... home for the day


11:15-12:00: Philipp Skribanowitz (HSG) reg. SUGAR 2011 planning

12:15-13:00: Philipp Skribanowitz

13:15-14:00: Malte J

14:15-15:00: Becky C

15:15-16:00: Greg K

16:15-17:00: biking to VAIL and joining Martin, Malte, Adam, Noah, Jeamin, Greg, Karl, Becky, David, ... and a bunch of students for BBQ

17:15-18:00: BBQ and redwine

... home for the day

That's it for now ...

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