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October 2011 "what-ever" meeting opportunities with Larry Leifer.  Priority goes to advisees.  Please enter your name by editing this page.  I have relatively few commitments during the ME310-Global-Kickoff. Please sign-up below. I am especially eager to meet with advisees in the "get-outta-here" phase and "get-research-started" phase. All other stages and phases welcome. 

Circumstances include:

Wed.19.Oct., CDIO Workshop all day, my slot is 10:00-12:00
Wed.19.Oct., designX
Mon.24.Oct. - Wed.26.Oct., SUGAR 2011 Workshop for 310-like teams and faculty at other universities
Wed.26.Oct., designX
Thr.27.Oct. - Tue.01.Nov., ME310 -Stanford-Global Kickoff Workshop for ME310 project teams
Wed.02.Nov., University of British Columbia , Vancouver, CA
Thr.03.Nov., return to Switzerland
Fri.04.Nov., Technical University Munich


10:30-11:30:  Mark Schar ... firm ... woops missed it

11:30-14:30:  Lars Strannegard ... firm (with Martin)

14:15-15:00:  Mark Schar ... re-try     

15:15-16:00:  Lauren A. Shluzas

16:15-17:00:  Neeraj Sonalkar - Thesis draft meeting

17:15-18:00:  Martin Steinert

... home for the day

Tuesday.18.October ... I will fill in more when I know this sign-up model is working ... LL

10:00-12:00: Christopher Han ... pick-up at 831 Esplanada Way, go to SAP AppHaus, Los Altos

12:15-13:00: SAP @ Los Altos, meet with Philipp Skogstad, Sam Yen, reg. SAP AppHaus initiative

13:35-14:00: Chris Han ride back to Stanford campus

14:15-15:00: David Sirkin

15:15-16:00: Becky Currano

16:15-17:00: Jeamin Koo / Martin

17:15-18:00: Jeamin Koo / Martin

... home for the day

Wednesday.19.October: Worldwide CDIO meeting at Stanford (hosted by Sheri Sheppard and Larry Leifer)


11:15-12:00: open

12:15-13:00: Kristin ... confirmed

13:15-14:00: open

14:15-15:00: Hai Nguyen / Martin S

15:15-16:00: Martin S

16:15-17:00: Martin S

17:15-18:00: George T ... confirmed

... home for the day


11:15-12:00: Philipp Skribanowitz (HSG) reg. SUGAR 2011 planning

12:15-13:00: Philipp Skribanowitz

13:15-14:00: Malte

14:15-15:00: open

15:15-16:00: open

16:15-17:00: biking to VAIL and joining Martin, Malte, Adam, Noah, Jeamin, Greg, Karl, Becky, David, ... and a bunch of students for BBQ

17:15-18:00: BBQ and redwine

... home for the day

That's it for now ...

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