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Instructions For Windows

The following instructions are for installing the Xerox Work Center on your computer. It is recommended that you use the attached driver set instead of the drivers available on other websites, since this one is preconfigured for CDR.

  1. Download this driver file to a location you will remember and extract it
  2. Go to Start / Printers and Faxes
  3. Click on Add Printer on the left.
  4. Click Next
  5. Select Local printer attached to this computer but unselect the box below (Automatically...), then click Next
  6. Select Create a New Port and select Standard TCP/IP Port in the pulldown menu and click Next.
  7. Click Next in the Window that comes open.
  8. Enter the following information in the Printer Name or IP Address box:
  9. The Port name will be set automatically while you fill in the box above. Then click Next.
  10. Click Finish
  11. Now click on Have Disk and point this into the extracted version of the folder you had downloaded in the first step.
  12. Select driver for Work Center 7335
  13. Finish the installation with multiple Oks. It is normal that you get a warning about the driver not being signed.
  14. If you are only billing to one account, you can save your login and account number as default. To do so, right-click on the printer and select Properties
  15. Go to "Options", and Enable Write Defaults to Driver Configuration File"
  16. Go to Configuration and in Accounting" select Default Account. Enter your User ID, "Passcode" and Account ID in the fields provided. Your User ID and Passcode is a six-digit number (if you had an account on the old copier, it is the same) and the account number is a cost account number in the form X-XXXX - all of these you can get from Denise or Karl.
  17. Click Ok
  18. Click Apply
  19. Go back to Options and set Write Defaults to Driver Configuration File back to Disable.
  20. Click Ok and you should be done.
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