Optogenetic training courses

Remote training workshops

The Deisseroth Lab now offers remote training workshops.

Until further notice we will not be providing in-person workshops.
Information about these is made available below only for reference.

Optogenetics Training

The Optogenetics Innovation Laboratory (OIL) offers a number of hands-on courses at different levels of detail. Graduate students, Stanford researchers, and those willing to travel to take a class are welcome to select from the courses below.

For more information, please contact the Laboratory and Education Manager: Dr. Maisie Lo, Ph.D. (maisielo@stanford.edu). Space is limited, so individuals wishing to participate in a workshop should contact Dr. Lo directly for training registration.

1) 3-day workshop (offered throughout the year)

Topics covered:

  1. Stereotactic cannula implantation
  2. Optical stimulation for behavior testing
  3. Optical stimulation for electrical recording

2) 3-week summer workshop (for researchers with a more flexible time schedule)

Topics covered:

  1. Production of recombinant lentivectors for optogenetic gene delivery in mammals
  2. Stereotactic injection and cannula implantation
  3. Optical stimulation for behavior testing
  4. Optical stimulation for electrical recording
  5. Confirmation of transgene expression

Possible topics include:

3) Graduate course (BIOE 291; for Stanford graduate students only)

Held in the Fall quarter. In-depth optogenetics class with lectures, group presentations, final project proposals and a hands-on lab component.

For more information, see our Stanford course listing