Drupal Camp 2012

NOTE: This website is an archive of the 2012 Stanford Drupal Camp. The current year's Stanford Drupal Camp website is at http://drupalcamp.stanford.edu


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vijoy abraham
Social sciences, big data, shifting code to line 83, jackrabbits
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azn alahah
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Suzanne Aldrich
SJA Consulting
usability, security, open source
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Marjorie Alfs
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trevor allen
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Valod Amirkhanian
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Courtney Anderson
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Jamie Antonazzo
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Gillian Athayde
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Boris Ayupov
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Alan Baker
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Kavous Barghi
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Nancy Baumann
IT Services, Stanford University
Drupal, training, leadership, Awesomeness
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Steve Bean
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Charles Belov
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Kris Bhandare
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Devinder Bhardwaj
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Shailesh Bhat
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John Bickar
Stanford University
Drupal, performance, module development, APIs, the 1974 Mount Edgecumbe eruption
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Cam Bill
Sachin.Brahme@gmail.com's picture
Sachin Brahme
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Mark Branom
Stanford University IT Services
Training, Drupal, HTML5, CSS, web services, usability, accessibility, security
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Ricki-Ellen Brooke
Center for HIV Information -- UCSF
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Bob Brown
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Don Cameron
IT Services Technology Training, Stanford University
Web / graphic design, writing fantasy/weird/comedy short stories, and long walks on the beach.
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Linda Caplinger
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Rob Carroll
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Jim Cashel
Forum One Communications
Applying web technologies to issues of social importance.
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Chloe Caviness
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Zach Chandler
Stanford University
Kit-compliant Features, empowering site builders, sharing stuff, APIs, sesquipedalian bloviation, irony, Vienna sausages, payback
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Felix Chang
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Peter Chen
School of Engineering
Thrilled that so many Dries clones will be attending...
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Tom Chen
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ramarao chetlapalli
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Tien Chiu
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Lyudmila Christie
Stanford University School of Education
Drupal, theming, web design, web accessibility, graphic design, photography.
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Oleg Ciubotaru
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Judio Clark
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Lucas Coe
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Aaron Cole
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Michael Connolly
testing, technical writing, molecular graphics
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Lenia Constantinou
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Shelley Core
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Regina Covington
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Steve Crawford
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Carey Cress
Writing & editing.
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Jerrud Davis
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Nichole Davison
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Koorosh Davoodian
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Aimee Degnan
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Alexandra Lee Delgado
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Joaquim Delgado
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Michael Devin
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Jens Dill
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chris dipietro
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Chris Doyle
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Michael Drejer
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Xiaoya Du
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Robyn Duby
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Diana Montalion Dupuis
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Brandon Eltiste
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Gene Escober
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Carolyn Fairman