2013 Stanford Drupal Camp Has Ended

NOTE: This website is an archive of the 2013 Stanford Drupal Camp. The current year's Stanford Drupal Camp website is at http://drupalcamp.stanford.edu


With every major version of Drupal comes a wealth of improvements. Some of these are easily visible to site administrators and end users, while others are more "under the hood". The concept of entities, introduced in Drupal 7, is definitely an "under the hood" improvement: one that offers Drupal developers a new set of tools to build web applications more quickly and help ensure scalability and performance.

In this interactive developer-oriented talk, we will:

  • Compare data storage options in Drupal 6 to those in Drupal 7 (there are more in Drupal 7!)
  • Explore what entities are and how they relate to nodes, content types, users, taxonomies, fields, bundles, and more
  • Walk through defining a custom entity
  • Discuss how to leverage the Entity API contrib module to take full advantage of entities including integration with Views, Rules, and more
  • Learn how to use EntityFieldQuery
  • Leverage Entity Metadata Wrappers to write cleaner code

We'll start at a high-level and finish looking at some heavy code examples.

Slides are attached.

JD Leonard is the Founder & Chief Solutions Architect at Modern Biz Consulting in Oakland, where he focuses on the planning and development of complex Drupal-based web applications.

Schedule info

Time slot: 
6 April 15:00 - 15:45