2013 Stanford Drupal Camp Has Ended

NOTE: This website is an archive of the 2013 Stanford Drupal Camp. The current year's Stanford Drupal Camp website is at http://drupalcamp.stanford.edu


Most Web design projects tend overlook a simple fact: People visit your website because they want to consume your content. So why is it that Web professionals and their clients tend to put a premium focus on technology, IA, and design, while relegating content to "ugly stepchild" status? This session will explore tips, tools, and techniques designed to place site content at the forefront of your Web strategy.

Topics covered will include:

• Bridging the gap between content development, design, and programming;
• Techniques to quickly and efficiently define organizational vision and user needs;
• The power of domain modeling to determine site content and functionality;
• Content modeling: getting a jump on content editing and development BEFORE designs are completed;
• Miscellaneous tips, tricks, and war stories from a grizzled veteran of numerous Higher Ed / Drupal site redesign projects.

Jake McGowan is Managing Partner at Rolling Orange Interactive agency, where has led strategic design and development efforts for a variety of higher education clients, including: Stanford, Princeton, University of Chicago, Loyola University, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Clara University, and the University of California System.

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Time slot: 
6 April 11:15 - 12:00