2013 Stanford Drupal Camp Has Ended

NOTE: This website is an archive of the 2013 Stanford Drupal Camp. The current year's Stanford Drupal Camp website is at http://drupalcamp.stanford.edu


Are you building your site using Open Framework, Stanford Framework, or any of Stanford's other Drupal 7 themes (or a subtheme of them)? Wondering if there are any super awesome, simple tricks to get you going at full steam ahead? Well, you're right! There are! And we'll show you them in this session.

In this session, we will cover:

  • Introduction to blocks, regions, context, and planning responsive layouts using Open Framework/Stanford Framework
  • All the CSS styles and classes that you can use in your site, and different ways to implement them
  • And all the goodness that comes with Twitter Bootstrap

We will mostly be using Open Framework theme during this demo, but we will touch on Stanford Framework and subthemes as well. Downloads and documentation at Open Framework at http://openframework.stanford.edu.

Schedule info

Time slot: 
6 April 15:00 - 15:45