5: Accounting and Case Method Workshop

Thursday, April 8, 2010
Summary: This session is meant to give you a basic overview of accounting principles that will be helpful in case analyses to understand:
  • how to read the financial statements of a company (balance sheet, income statement, and the statement of cash flows)
  • how to determine the health of a company from financial statements
  • how well a company is performing
  • how accounting definitions of "value" differ from those of a financial or market determination of "value"
After this session, you will be expected to "run the numbers" when evaluating a case. We will also discuss the case method of instruction.

Required Readings (Policy on Required Readings)

Readings from the Textbooks:
  • Technology Ventures (Dorf and Byers): Ch 16-17 (Highlights)
Additional articles to read:
Study Questions (Policy on Study Questions)

One person from each team should submit via e-mail the team's name, names of the members, chosen color/dress/item, and selected weekly meeting time (all team members should be able to meet at this time every week).
Note: We will take your photo today to put up on our website.  Also, the seat you choose to sit in today will be your assigned seat for the rest of the quarter.  Please sit with your team members, either in the same row or spread over two rows.