The eCampus Rural Health Bibliography is a joint collaboration between the VA Palo Alto Health Care System and Stanford University School of Medicine. The project is funded by The Health Resource Initiative for Veterans Everywhere (THRIVE) of the VA Palo Alto Health Care System. For more information, please contact us.

Scope and Strategy of the Rural Health Reference Database

The database on health issues of the United States rural geriatric population includes the following topics:

  1. Rural geriatric palliative/end-of-life/hospice care
  2. Mortality, grief and bereavement in the rural geriatric population
  3. Terminal diagnoses in the rural geriatric population
  4. Health care access issues for the rural elderly and the uses of technology in this setting
  5. Educational and training programs for health care professionals on rural healthcare topics
  6. Health issues of concern to rural elderly
  7. Home care and long term care in the rural environment
  8. Mental health and cognition issues of the rural elderly
  9. Racial, ethnic and cultural issues in the rural health and healthcare setting
  10. Rural geriatric primary care, prevention and screening
  11. Nutrition in the rural elderly

This database contains English-language references dated 2000 to date. There are journal articles, books, book chapters, meeting abstracts, and dissertations. The databases searched include PubMed (Medline), Web of Knowledge, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health (CINAHL), and Psycinfo.

The search strategy used to create and update this database is multifactorial:

  1. Rural AND (End-of-Life/Hospice/Palliative Care terms)
  2. Rural AND (Geriatric/Senior/Elderly terms)
  3. Rural AND (Death/Grief/Bereavement terms)
  4. Rural AND (Medicare Terminal Diagnoses terms)
  5. Rural AND (Healthcare Access/Technology terms) AND (Geriatric/Senior/Elderly terms)
  6. Rural AND ( Healthcare Education/training terms)
  7. Rural AND (Home care/Caregiver/Long Term Care terms)
  8. Rural AND (Mental health/Cognition terms) AND (Geriatric/Senior/Elderly terms)
  9. Rural AND (Racial/Ethnic/Cultural terms)
  10. Rural AND (Primary Care/Prevention/Screening terms) AND (Geriatric/Senior/Elderly terms)
  11. Rural AND (Nutrition terms) AND (Geriatric/Senior/Elderly terms)