Many SEWSS courses have been canceled due to the university's switch to an online Summer Session. We are still offering CEE 107S/207S, CEE 176G/276G and CEE 177L/277L.

CEE 107S: Understanding Energy - Essentials
3 units; D. Gragg, K. Gregory
Fundamentals of each energy resource, including significance and potential, drivers and barriers, policy and regulation, and social, economic, and environmental impacts, in the context of the broader energy system. Both depletable and renewable energy resources including oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, biomass and biofuel, hydroelectric, wind, solar thermal and photovoltaics (PV), geothermal, and ocean energy, with cross-cutting topics including electricity, storage, climate change and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), sustainability, green buildings, energy efficiency, transportation, and the developing world. Open to Graduate students as CEE 207S. More info...
CEE 176G Sustainability Design Thinking
3 units; G. Katz
Application of design thinking to make sustainability compelling, impactful and realizable. Analysis of contextual, functional and human-centered design thinking techniques to promote sustainable design of products and environments by holistically considering space, form, environment, energy, economics, and health. Includes Studio project work in prototyping, modeling, testing, and realizing sustainable design ideas. Open to Graduate students as CEE 276G. More info...
CEE 177L Smart Cities & Communities
3 units; R. Lechner
A city is comprised of people and a complex system of systems connected by data. A nexus of forces IoT, open data, analytics, AI, and systems of engagement present new opportunities to increase the efficiency of urban systems, improve the efficacy of public services, and assure the resiliency of the community. Systems studied include: water, energy, transportation, buildings, food production, and social services. The roles of policy and behavior change as well as the risks of smart cities will be discussed. How cities are applying innovation to address the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 will also be explored. Open to Graduate students as CEE 277L. More info...
CEE 199J: Summer Independent Study in Environmental Engineering & Science
1 unit; C. Ong
Directed study of a topic in environmental engineering and science. For students admitted to the Stanford Summer Session program and participating in the SEWSS Scholars Program. Enrollment by Permission Number only. Open to Graduate students as CEE 299J. Limited enrollment. More info...



CEE 101S Science and Engineering Problem Solving with MatLab (Canceled)
3 units; D. Fong
Introduction to the application of MATLAB as a powerful tool to solve a variety of science and engineering problems. Exposure to computational and visualization tools available through MATLAB to analyze, solve, and visualize some common problems of interest in science and engineering. Open to Graduate students as CEE 201S. Recommended: Introductory Calculus. Limited enrollment. More info...
CEE 103S Machine Learning: Concepts & Applications in Civil & Environmental Engineering (Canceled)
3 units; S. Qu, C. Ong
Introduction to machine learning concepts, tools and methodologies for incorporating intelligence and smart technology into environmental data applications. Learning algorithms and development of a machine learning pipeline. Set-up of a machine learning platform on an IoT edge sensor device. Prerequisite: CS 106A or equivalent Python programming experience. Open to Graduate students as CEE 203S. Limited enrollment. More info...
CEE 165C Water Resources Management (Canceled)
3 units; A. Findikakis
Water resources management is studied in the context of increasing population, economic growth and the effect of climate change on the available water resources. The class examines the question of how to achieve the optimal equilibrium between water supply and water demand, under specific local and regional physical, environmental, social and economic constraints. Basic water management principles are reviewed in the context of sustainable development, increasing water scarcity in many parts of the world, and hydrologic uncertainty including that associated with climate change. Specific topics include the management of operations and water quality in reservoirs, river basins, and groundwater systems; non-conventional water sources such as treated wastewater and desalination; demand management options; and the institutional and legal framework of water management. Open to Graduate students as CEE 265C.
CEE 171G Environmental & Ecological Economics (Canceled)
3 units; E. Laurent
Ideas, tools and policy solutions in environmental and ecological economics covering a wide range of topics: biodiversity and ecosystems management, energy and climate change mitigation, environmental health and environmental justice, new indicators of well-being and sustainability beyond GDP and growth and sustainable urban systems. Open to Graduate students as CEE 271G. More info...
CEE 175S Environmental Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Canceled)
3 units; B. Shelander
Our current infrastructure for provision of critical services-clean water, energy, transportation, environmental protection; requires substantial upgrades. As a complement to the scientific and engineering innovations taking place in the environmental field, this course emphasizes the analysis of economic factors and value propositions that align value chain stakeholder interests. Open to Graduate students as CEE 275S.
CEE 178S Air Pollution Science & Engineering (Canceled)
3 units; R. Kopperud
Human health and environmental impact of air pollution. Types, sources and production processes of key air pollutants in indoor and outdoor environments. Engineering solutions in air pollution remediation and mitigation. Role of science-informed policy and regulation in air resources protection. Measurement of particulate matter and carbon monoxide. Preparation of a research poster, video short, op-ed, or other media on an air pollution problem. Open to Graduate students as CEE 278S.
CEE 179S Seminar: Issues in Environmental Engineering, Science & Sustainability (Canceled)
1-2 units; A. Robertson
Invited faculty, researchers and professionals share their insights and perspectives on a broad range of environmental and sustainability issues. Students critique seminar presentations and associated readings. Open to Graduate students as CEE 279S. S/NC grading only.
CEE 199S: Undergraduate Summer Research in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Canceled)
1-6 units; Staff
Investigation of a research topic in civil and environmental engineering. For students admitted to the Stanford Summer Session program. Written report or oral presentation required. Students must obtain a faculty or research staff sponsor. Limited enrollment.
CEE 299E: Graduate Summer Research in CEE (Canceled)
1-6 units; Staff
Investigation of a research topic in civil and environmental engineering. For students admitted to the Stanford Summer Session program. Written report or oral presentation required. Students must obtain a faculty or research staff sponsor. Limited enrollment.

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