Why should I choose SEWSS?
SEWSS is a scholarly program that aims to draw students desiring to develop an advanced understanding of environmental topics in order to apply this knowledge in a non-passive decision-making role. SEWSS offers actual for-credit Stanford classes that blends Stanford students with visiting students for a mutually beneficial and interactive experience. Also, our instructors all have Stanford academic appointments, and are practicing experts in their subject matter. Along with our certificated Scholars Program, SEWSS challenges students to explore the cutting edge of the environmental field and attain an advanced level of critical and innovative thinking, thus contributing to fresh and authoritative perspectives.
How do I apply for the SEWSS Program?
Summer Visitors should complete the online application for either Stanford Summer Session or Stanford Summer College. Incoming and current Stanford students do not need to complete an application and can enroll when Axess opens for summer term enrollment. All students enrolled in one or more SEWSS courses are considered as a student in the SEWSS program and are required to fill in an SEWSS Registration Form (SUNetID required). SEWSS registration is an additional step after admission to Stanford Summer Session is granted.
How do I participate in the SEWSS Scholars Program?
Students enrolled in at least three SEWSS courses are eligible to participate in the SEWSS Scholars Program. To be awarded a Letter of Recognition (referred to as Document of Completion by Stanford Summer Session) at the end of the program, the student must have earned a C- letter-grade (1.7) or higher credit (S grades accepted) in three SEWSS courses. Eligible students must have submitted a SEWSS Registration form (SUNet ID required) and the SEWSS Scholars Program registration form (SUNet ID required) by August 15, 2020. Students who fulfill the academic and participation requirements of the program must email their Stanford Official Transcript in PDF format to by September 15 to complete qualification.
How do I participate in the SEWSS Research Program?
THIS RESEARCH PROGRAM HAS BEEN CANCELED. The SEWSS Research Program is an opportunity for select students who have been admitted by Stanford Summer Session to work closely with department researchers on new and ongoing projects over the 8-week summer term. Apply here (SUNet ID required) by May 1, 2020. Approved applicants will receive a Permission Number to enroll for 3 units either in CEE 199S Undergraduate Summer Research in Civil and Environmental Engineering or CEE 299E Graduate Summer Research in CEE.
How do I participate in the SEWSS Summer Independent Study course?
Submit an application form to be considered for CEE 199J/CEE 299J Summer Independent Study in Environmental Engineering & Science. Deadline: June 29, 2020. Students selected for this course will be provided a Permission Number to enroll in Axess.
Why should I choose the Summer Session at Stanford University?
Stanford University's Summer Session offers a diverse curriculum of the highest scholarly quality. This program provides an opportunity for students to learn from and interact with Stanford's esteemed instructors and researchers. By participating in the summer session, students are able to expand their knowledge, improve their skills, and make new connections. Watch the "Summer Session Students' Experience" video on YouTube for more information.
Is this program open to Stanford Summer College students?
Students accepted into the Stanford High School Summer College may apply to enroll in any SEWSS course.
Should I choose the 1xx or 2xx course code?
Where a course is offered with two course codes, only graduate students may enroll in the course using the 2xx course code. Summer College and undergraduate students should enroll in the course using the 1xx course code. Students enrolled in the incorrect course code will receive an NC grade.
Will the online class lectures be recorded?
The availability of recorded lectures will be at the discretion of each course's instructor. Contact the instructor for more information. Students may be required to connect live for discussion and lab sections.
Can I take a course for CR/NC?
Some courses do not offer a CR/NC option, and require that a Letter Grade be given. Check Explore Courses to find the course information and its grading scheme.
What is a variable units course?
A few of our courses allow the student to choose the workload which is reflected in the number of units of academic credit earned. More units usually corresponds to extra work. In courses with variable units, students are responsible for selecting the number of units in Axess and submitting the corresponding work required. The number of units may also affect tuition fees.
Which courses qualify for the SEWSS Scholars Program?
Only SEWSS courses qualify for the SEWSS Scholars Program. These are the courses listed on the SEWSS Courses page.
Will I get into a course if I am on the waiting list?
Several SEWSS courses have limited enrollment and some students may be placed on the waiting list. We recommend that you let the instructor know that you are interested in the course and attend the first lecture.
Can I take other Stanford Summer Session courses?
Yes, a mix of SEWSS and non-SEWSS courses in the study list is possible. However, only courses from the SEWSS program would count towards the SEWSS Scholars Program.
What is the tuition and housing cost?
Tuition rate and other fees for summer programs are published by the Stanford Summer Sessions office.
Is Financial Aid available?
The SEWSS program does not offer financial aid to either matriculated or non-matriculated students.
Can these courses be used for transfer credit?
Consult with the registrar and your major advisor at your matriculating institution to determine the eligibility of this coursework for transfer credit. The registered coursework grades will be officially recorded by the Stanford Registrar, and a Stanford academic transcript with your results can be obtained.
Does the program offer extracurricular activities?
No SEWSS extracurricular activities are being offered in Summer 2020 due to the university's switch an online summer session.
When does the program end?
The program concludes at the end of the exam period.
What is the ranking of Stanford University's Environmental Engineering program?
Stanford's Environmental Engineering program is ranked by US News & World Report in 2019 as #1 (tie) in Undergraduate Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering Programs, and #2 in Graduate Environmental / Environmental Health Engineering Programs. Five Stanford Environmental Engineering faculty (Professors P. McCarty, P. Roberts, R. Street, R. Luthy and J. Leckie) have the distinction of being elected to the National Academy of Engineering, and one (Professor P. McCarty) was awarded the Stockholm Water Prize in 2007.
Can I audit courses?
Effective summer 2012, Stanford's audit policies have changed. Summer visitors (domestic and international) are no longer offered the option to audit courses. If you are a Stanford Visiting Scholar, Distinguished Career Institute Fellow or Postdoctoral Research Scholar, you should contact the instructor to find out whether you have his/her permission to audit the SEWSS course. Audit courses do not count towards the SEWSS Scholars Program.



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