E85 Versus Gasoline Papers

Effects of ethanol (E85) versus gasoline vehicles on cancer and mortality in the United States (Environmental Science and Technology, 2007) (pdf) Supplementary Material (pdf) Most-accessed article in Environmental Science and Technology April-June, 2007

Response to comments by ethanol industry, advocates, and consultants (pdf)

Review of solutions to global warming, air pollution, and energy security (Energy and Environmental Science, 2009) (link) - Compares corn and cellulosic E85 with other sources of vehicle energy.

Examining the temperature dependence of ethanol (E85) versus gasoline emissions on air pollution with a largely-explicit chemical mechanism, Atmospheric Environment (2010) (pdf) Supplementary Material (pdf)

The global-through-urban nested 3-D simulation of air pollution with a 13,600-reaction photochemical mechanism (Journal of Geophysical Research, 2010) - Analyzes the chemical mechanism used in the Atmospheric Environment 2010 study (link)

Examining the impacts of ethanol (E85) versus gasoline photochemical production of smog in a fog using near-explicit gas- and aqueous-chemistry mechanisms, Environmental Research Letters (2012) (pdf) Supplementary Material (pdf)

Coupling of highly explicit gas and aqueous chemistry mechanisms for use in 3-D, Atmospheric Environment (2012) (pdf).

Should transportation be transitioned to ethanol with carbon capture and pipelines or electricity? A case study, Environmental Science & Technology (2023) (pdf) (spreadsheet)


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