What we do

Stop Working, Build Community

We are undergraduate and graduate students from all around the world. We vary in our backgrounds and studies, but we share common needs. We take time from our busy lives to enjoy fellowship with others and reconnect with the natural world.

Praise God, Give Thanks

At ELCM you’ll find worship at the center of our ministry. We believe that worship grows out of the context and lives of our gathered community members, who listen and care for one another. Worship is not a production or a performance; worship is a time set aside for encounter with God that we support with words, sights, sounds, and silence.

Where we’re from


Since our founding in the 1960s, ELCM has been a community dedicated to social justice and hospitality to strangers. We are at work in the world, committed to justice, respect for conscience, and equality for all people, especially those most at risk in society.


ELCM is supported by University Lutheran Church and the Episcopal Diocese of California’s Stanford Canterbury Foundation.

  • University Lutheran Church is a progressive, ecumenical congregation across Stanford Ave. from the southeast side of campus. If you spend time near Stanford, you have probably walked or ridden your bike by us. At UniLu the theology is progressive, the worship is organic, the welcome is radical, and Christ’s table is open to all. If you are in search of a congregational community, please join us here at 1611 Stanford Ave for worship, fellowship, study, reflection on God’s call, and engagement with the world.
  • Stanford Canterbury Foundation is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of California supported by the bishop and by the local Episcopal Congregations. If you are interested in finding an Episcopal church home, Saint Bede’s, All Saints, Trinity, and Saint Mark’s are all nearby, faithful, lively congregations.

The "More Color, More Pride" Flag