Some personal details...

Professor Criddle was born in Virginia and completed his primary, secondary, and undergraduate education in Utah. At Utah State University he completed Bachelors degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Spanish, and then went on to complete a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering. In1983 the family moved to California where Dr. Criddle completed his Ph.D. at Stanford in Environmental Engineering, working with Professor Perry McCarty.

He began his academic career as an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University in 1989. During his 9 years at MSU, he served as Project Coordinator for the Schoolcraft Field project and Co-Principal Investigator in the Center for Microbial Ecology. Teaching, research and an engineering consulting practice resulted in publications, patents, and the successful completion of one of the first full-scale applications of bioaugmentation for aquifer remediation.

Since joining the Stanford faculty in 1999, Professor Criddle has taught courses on aquatic chemistry and biology, environmental biotechnology and pathogens and disinfection. He has also worked on diverse research projects and served on committees both internal and external to Stanford.

Book CoverTo promote science literacy, and convinced that "cartoons can give us an intuitive feeling for the why, and deeper understanding can grow from that intuition", he collaborated with the award-winning San Francisco cartoonist, Larry Gonick to write "The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry", which was published in May, 2005. Larry is best known for his Cartoon History of the Universe (I, II, and III) and his Cartoon Guide series that cover everything from statistics to sex. The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry is a light hearted introduction to chemistry for kids of all ages.