About Our Project

As Human Biology students, Stanford athletes, and former Exercise Physiology TAs, we (Alex and Kat) wanted to bridge the gap between scientific understanding and application for competitive sports. We felt that there was a lack of coherent and synthesized information about how research findings could be integrated into the lifestyles and training programs of collegiate athletes. As people who firmly believe in the scientific method, we wanted to draw evidence-based practices from a field that is often littered with pseudoscience and anecdotal evidence. To do this, we researched both well-known and obscure training techniques, and tried to distill the most applicable lessons from a variety of sources.

We recognize that the field of sports science is evolving rapidly, and there will constantly be new information available. Thus, this project is not meant to be a rigid prescription, but rather a thought-provoking guide that encourages student-athletes to consider the physiological foundations of the strategies employed for their training, nutrition, recovery, and mental game. It would be short-sighted for us to discount the importance of a good coach, and we appreciate that many of the methods that Stanford coaches utilize are grounded in not only science, but also the art of preparing athletes for successful performance. In fact, several of the principles we researched were employed by coaches, long before they were empirically confirmed to be effective.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website, digging deeper into the subtleties of optimal performance, and gaining a greater appreciation for how our bodies adapt to the demands of exercise!

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