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STANFORD, CA -- February 14, 2019. The Stanford Cardinal women's water polo team defeats the Chinese National Team in an exhibition 15-13 at the Avery Aquatic Center.

Kat Klass

I’m a water polo player majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Human Performance. I was drawn to exercise physiology because of its immediate applications to my water polo career, but I’m also fascinated by the way that all the components of my body keep me functioning in daily life, whether that’s just walking to class or eating dinner with friends. One of my favorite applications of sports science is using positive self-talk and thinking about the central governor model during particularly challenging swim sets. I’ll be back on campus next year working on my master’s degree in Sustainability Science and Practice, but exercise physiology will always hold a special place in my heart.


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Alex Ostberg

I’m a distance runner also majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Human Performance. As a lifelong endurance athlete, I’ve become fascinated with how our bodies adapt to the demands of endurance exercise. My experiences as a student athlete at Stanford have not only provided me with opportunities I’m incredibly grateful for, but they’ve also taught me how to manage setbacks, adversity and injury. Although I’m always interested in reading about the latest research in sports science, my particular areas of interest include training theory, periodization, stress, and the intersection of psychology and physiology. I’ll be coming back in the fall for my last year of eligibility and I’m excited to continue to share my passion for sports science.