Stanford Faculty Against the War

We represent a group of Stanford faculty members who have been drawn together by our shared opposition to the ongoing war in Iraq and the prospect of new conflicts in the region. We maintain a mailing list ( To subscribe to the list, please click here or send a message containing the line

    subscribe faculty-against-the-war


During Spring Quarter 2006, the Stanford Faculty Against the War organization met on Tuesday nights at 7:30, although we are planning no further meetings in the fall.

We were one of the sponsors for a panel on war crimes by the Bush administration in early May:

Speaking the Unspeakable
Is the Bush Administration
Guilty of Torture and War Crimes?

Thursday, May 4, 7:30pm
William Hewlett Teaching Center, Room 200
Stanford University

Professor of Psychology emeritus Phil Zimbardo
Retired Brigadier General Janis Karpinski
Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray
Journalist and Author Larry Everest

A PDF copy of the flier for this panel is available here.

This spring, we hosted a visit by the 1960s activist David Harris, former stanford Student Body President and founder of Resistance. We also organized two open meetings to build broader community participation against the war.

In past years, we collected articles about the war from a variety of sources. A list of those resources is available here.

In the time leading up to the start of the war in 2003, Stanford Faculty Against the War engaged in the following activities:

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