How to citeΒΆ

We kindly ask that you reference the S4 package and its authors in any publication for which you used it. This is obviously neither legally binding nor enforceable, but we hope that you do.

The preferred citation for S4 is the following paper:

Victor Liu and Shanhui Fan, “S4: A free electromagnetic solver for layered periodic structures,” Computer Physics Communications 183, 2233-2244 (2012)

Or, in BibTeX format:

        author = "Victor Liu and Shanhui Fan",
        title = "S$^4$ : A free electromagnetic solver for layered periodic structures",
        journal = "Computer Physics Communications",
        volume = "183",
        number = "10",
        pages = "2233 - 2244",
        year = "2012",
        issn = "0010-4655",
        doi = "10.1016/j.cpc.2012.04.026",
        url = "",

It is not absolutely necessary for the “4” in S4 to be a superscript, but it is more correct if it is. A brief description of the algorithm might be:

The transmission spectrum was computed using the Fourier Modal Method using a freely available software package [ref].