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This page documents the instructions for getting sentaurus software to run.

short version

 module load sentaurus

longer version

You can see the current module with

 module show sentaurus

You need several environment variables to be set: STDB, STROOT, License server. We can set them for you. STDB is the local storage where the simulation scripts and results are stored. And STROOT is where the software is installed.

Then run:

 module load sentaurus

That will configure your environment correctly. You can try 'module show sentaurus' to see what it's doing. We set your STDB directory to $HOME/work/Sentaurus

Alternatively, you can set those environment variables yourself, here is the csh example:

 setenv STDB /afs/  
 setenv STROOT /afs/ir/class/ee/synopsys/sentaurus/I-2013.12-SP2/
 set path=(/afs/ir/class/ee/synopsys/sentaurus/I-2013.12-SP2/bin $path)
 set path=(/afs/ir/class/ee/synopsys/sentaurus/I-2013.12-SP2/tcat/current/amd64bin $path)
 set ld_library_path=(/farmshare/software/non-free/sentaurus/I-2013.12-SP2 $ld_library_path)

The sentaurus workbench can be started using the "swb" command.

You should see a set of examples in "GettingStarted" tab on the left hand side of the menu. I recommend using "SmallMOS_2D3D" under "sprocess" examples since it contains all the components that needs to be tested.

A right click menu can be used to copy this project and similarly pasted into your working STDB directory.

Run the project by clicking on the running man icon on the top interface (towards upper right area of the window.)

Once the software finishes running the nodes that ran should turn yellow.

check svisual running by clicking on the eye icon while a node is selected (the one that is now yellow) to call up svisual.

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