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We use 'tracker', a Stanford-specific software, to track how many users use which software:

Its default destination is hostname 'track'.

using tracker

Example, when I installed Stat/Transfer 11:

  cd /farmshare/software/non-free/stattransfer11_64/
  mv st .t%st
  mv stattransfer .t%stattransfer
  cp -ip /farmshare/user_data/chekh/chekh-from-gluster/src/tracker-1.1/tracker .
  ln -s tracker st
  ln -s tracker stattransfer

Now, do a license3:/root# tail -f /var/log/tracker/current and you'll see entries show up when you run st or stattransfer:

@400000004f98536f170f2ce4 chekh@ stattransfer

Jane at the Software Licensing office uses this log to track usage. We have the logs available here: https://www/services/pubsw/tracker-stats/

Here's a way to make the tracker log more readable:

 cat tracker/current | tai64nlocal | grep sas | perl -MRegexp::Common -pe 's/($RE{net}{IPv4})/`dig +short -x $1 | cut -f 1 -d '.' | tr "\n" " " `/ge'


Compiled trackerd on license4, wrote a new systemd unit file and started it up, so it listens on udp port 1738 on and logs to syslog

[root@license4 ~]# cat /etc/firewalld/services/trackerd.xml 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <port port="1738" protocol="udp"/>
[root@license4 ~]# cat /lib/systemd/system/trackerd.service 
Description=Start trackerd at startup and log its stdout

Changed DNS entry for from license3 to license4.

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