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Quota conditions

farmvnc may not start if you are over your AFS quota.


Likewise, farmvnc may not start if you do not have a valid Kerberos ticket and AFS tokens. Try re-authenticating before running the command.

kinit && aklog

Resetting the shell configuration

Some kinds of changes to ~/.cshrc and ~/.login (or other shell configuration files) may break VNC; in particular, setting up the environment for certain applications (e.g., Cadence) according to instructions is known to cause problems. The default configuration for various shells is documented in Dotfiles.

Resetting VNC state and configuration

A common troubleshooting method is to reset the VNC configuration by deleting the ~/.vnc application directory.

rm -rf ~/.vnc
mkdir ~/.vnc

Search the farmshare-discuss archives for posts about VNC.

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