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This page documents the shell setup files that are put in place for newly created accounts at Stanford. If you are a long time sunetid'er and would like to see the current "skeleton" files then keep reading. If you see some error when you login to farmshare and would like to compare to "pristine" .cshrc/.bashrc/.bash_profile/etc then keep reading.


highlight: Unknown source file extension "csh".

You need to specify a language like this: <source lang="html">...</source>

Supported languages for syntax highlighting:

abap4, abc, abnf, actionscript, ada, agda, algol, ampl, amtrix, applescript, arc, arm, as400cl, ascend, asp, aspect, assembler, ats, autohotkey, autoit, avenue, awk, bat, bbcode, bcpl, bibtex, biferno, bison, blitzbasic, bms, bnf, boo, c, ceylon, charmm, chill, clean, clearbasic, clipper, clojure, clp, cobol, coldfusion, crk, csharp, css, d, dart, diff, dylan, ebnf, eiffel, erlang, euphoria, express, fame, felix, fortran77, fortran90, frink, fsharp, fx, gambas, gdb, go, graphviz, haskell, haxe, hcl, html, httpd, icon, idl, idlang, inc_luatex, informix, ini, innosetup, interlis, io, jasmin, java, js, jsp, ldif, lhs, lilypond, limbo, lindenscript, lisp, logtalk, lotos, lotus, lua, luban, make, maple, matlab, maya, mercury, miranda, mod2, mod3, modelica, moon, ms, mssql, mxml, n3, nasal, nbc, nemerle, netrexx, nice, nsis, nxc, oberon, objc, ocaml, octave, oorexx, os, oz, paradox, pas, pdf, perl, php, pike, pl1, plperl, plpython, pltcl, pov, pro, progress, ps, ps1, psl, pure, pyrex, python, q, qmake, qu, r, rebol, rexx, rnc, rpg, rpl, ruby, s, sas, scala, scilab, sh, small, smalltalk, sml, snmp, snobol, spec, spn, sql, squirrel, sybase, tcl, tcsh, tex, ts, tsql, ttcn3, txt, upc, vala, vb, verilog, vhd, xml, xpp, yaiff, yang, znn

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