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We're using the Debian packages of "Sun Grid Engine" which isn't quite "Sun" anymore since Oracle bought Sun, and the Debian packages are a bit behind the current forks of Open Grid Engine or Son of Grid Engine or Univa Grid Engine.



Start with 'man sge_intro'. Move on to 'man qsub'. Try submitting a simple job with 'echo "sleep 3600" | qsub", then run 'qstat' and 'qdel'.

shell mode

GE can run in "POSIX mode" or "Unix mode". See the "shell_start_mode" section of 'man sge_conf'

 # qconf -sconf|grep shell
 shell_start_mode             unix_behavior
 login_shells                 bash,sh,ksh,csh,tcsh

So you'll want to explicitly specify your shell with the -S flag to qsub. E.g.

 # get rid of spurious messages about tty/terminal types
 #$ -S /bin/sh

useful commands

  • see all hosts: qhost
  • see which jobs are on which hosts: qhost -j
  • see all jobs: qstat -f -u "*"
  • see all host attributes: qstat -f -F -u "*"


Under SGE, a 'queue' is a set of settings that get applied to jobs that are assigned to that queue.

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